Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thoughts of a soon to be wife...

I'm really excited about this blog! I hope I can use it to communicate with people in my life who are close in spirit but tangibly far away. I also want to thoroughly document this new chapter in my life.

I feel like it was just days ago that I was engaged... oh how time flies. I believe the official count down to the wedding is 9 days. Things are so busy between a lot going on at work and obviously in my personal life. Much to do and the time clock is counting down. Although things have been busy I have had time to gather my thoughts and ponder this upcoming marriage. Here are a few things that I come back to again and again..

Am I old enough for this?! I can confidently say that my entire life I have anticipated the moment that I would emerge out of the back of a Church and start my walk down the aisle to my future husband. Fast forward 24 years and that moment is quickly approaching! There are so many times I pinch myself and think "wow, this is really happening!" It's not a dream anymore, this is my reality. I honestly cannot wait. I hope that I can calm my heart and truly live those few quick moments in slow motion.

How did I get so lucky?? I'm sure most soon-to-be brides feel this way, or at least I hope so! Jason has always been someone that I was attracted to, respected and admired but it seems like every day some new beautiful quality shows itself in him and once again, I'm astounded. I feel truly blessed to be marrying such an amazing man. I've met many people, but I am confident that I am marrying the cream of the crop! :)

It takes a village. You know the old saying "it takes a village to raise a child?" Well, wait till that child grows up and it's time to plan a wedding...then you'll truly see the village come out in full force! It's honestly been overwhelming the amount of support we have received from not only our family, but our friends. From the ladies that are lending us their tulle and Christmas lights to the multiple people that are bringing food and drinks to the rehearsal dinner and reception. From my mom and sisters who have spent countless hours lighting candles and blowing them out and creating the most gorgeous hair wreaths you can imagine for our flower girls to all the people that tell us they are praying for beautiful wedding weather...we are truly blessed. And that's just a quick summary of those who are helping in some way! There's no way we could do it without everyone's help and we feel so incredibly loved and grateful.

A wedding is not only the coming together of two individuals but the marriage of two families, two sets of friends, two communities. I think this has been so beautifully demonstrated the past few months during our wedding planning.

Well, probably should get some sleep....Lord knows I need it. :) Looking forward to sunny skies and a loooong weekend!

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  1. YAY! We used to blog.

    Brian hates that I stopped. maybe you will motivate me. :-) Can't wait for the big day and the many fun days after that! SISTER!