Monday, April 18, 2011


One of the most exciting new things in our lives is Jason's new job. He has only been graduated for almost two months but he knew that as soon as he graduated he would go full force into job search mode. He was very diligent about updating his resume and searching and applying for jobs. 

He found a particular job that he was very interested in and of course applied and we were SO happy when we heard back from them and they wanted to interview! The interview went extremely well and he ended up getting the job!! It's a Marketing Assistant job up here in Milwaukee and we could not be more excited about it. He is going to have the opportunity to learn all different aspects of the marketing business and get a lot of one on one training. It really is the perfect entry level job. He will also be making more money which is definitely a blessing to our family. 

We are just so incredibly grateful because we 100% know that this job is a blessing from God. He has continually opened doors for our family and provided for us in every aspect of our lives. There has never been a need that He has not met for us. I am so excited for my man as he starts his new job and I know that he is going to do SO great! 

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