Sunday, November 1, 2009

Better late then never, right? We've been married for almost two months but I still want to write a post dedicated completely to the most amazing day of our lives.

After a short engagement, we were married September 12 at 7pm in Door County, WI. Our engagement was filled with many hours dedicated to planning and organizing our wedding day. While it was stressful at times (to say the least :) ), I can honestly say that we were blessed with the wedding of our dreams.

The weekend of our wedding was...chaotic. There was alot of work that needed to get done, but thankfully there were many hands on deck!

Setting up our reception tent the day before our wedding. We could not have had our wedding without the help of many family members and friends. We are so blessed!

After our rehearsal we had a fishboil down on the lake in our reception tent with our friends and family. What a beautiful night we were given!


Wedding day!! Getting the finishing touches put on by my sister Mandy and my mom before I go see my groom. Since our ceremony was so late in they day and the reception was immediately following we decided to take pictures earlier. It also was fun to spend time with our bridal party and family!

The first time we saw each other on our wedding day! :)
I can't explain to you the butterflies and excitement I felt at this moment! It all of a sudden became so real...and I loved it!

Getting prayed for right before I walked down the aisle...definitely a holy moment.

The church during our ceremony. Everything was so beautiful, even more beautiful then I could have imagined!

The decorations in our reception was absolutely stunning! We ordered the flowers from Sam's Club and made all our centerpieces and bouquets ourselves. We were so pleased with the result!

Our cake which was absolutely perfect and delicious!!

Our sweetheart table!

The dance was a BLAST! I don't think the dance floor was ever empty at any point. It was basically a cousin dance party for the most part but there were definitely people of all ages out on the floor. What a celebration!

Our wedding was the most beautiful day of our life. From the tangible things like our flowers and decorations to the spirit of all those who celebrated with us and ultimately the reason for the day: the joining of our hearts, souls and lives with each other.

As I look through our pictures and think again about our wedding day one phrase resounds in my spirit: I am so blessed. God has been so good to Jason and I and so faithful to us. Our wedding was about Him and blessing His name and our lives will be a continuing outpouring of praise to Him.

We are so blessed.

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