Thursday, March 25, 2010

Filled with good intentions..

I promise that I want to have a blog. I promise! I love to read other people's blogs and I always admire how they have them set up and the way they can so easily communicate with their readers. I always think "I could do that, I could have that." But when it comes down to's a lot of work! Anyways, I revamped mine a little bit to help entice and inspire readers and perhaps even the author.

My other issue with keeping my blog updated is I feel like Jason and I have SO much going on that I'm torn between what to write and what will be boring to other people. And in the meantime more things are happening and I just fall farther and farther behind. I don't want to blog completely in retrospect, I want to talk about today.

So today...

Today we're in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. That is probably our biggest change. In February my job went part time and I tried to find another part time or full time job and it just wasn't possible to find one that worked so we decided to do something a little crazy.. we started advertising for our apartment in order to find someone to take over our lease and completely by the grace of God, we found someone! Everything was a whirlwhind from that point. We had less then a week to move out, stayed with my in-laws for a few days and eventually moved into our new apartment in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. We've been here for a couple weeks and so far we love it! We really like the area and there's a warmness you get from people that was definitely lacking down by Chicago. Jason is still working at his same employer and will finish up school this summer. God blessed me with a job only a week after we moved here: I'm hosting at a restaurant in one of the nicest hotels in downtown Milwaukee. I can't say that it's my dream job but I've got my foot in the door here and am so grateful for the opportunity.

Jason consistently reminds me that the only reason we're here is because God brought us. I am so grateful for a husband that always reminds me of the Truth! We prayed so much about moving here and waited for God to open the doors for us and He swung them wide for us to walk through. I learned so much from this move about trusting God and His timing and recognizing His goodness. He has blessed us and we are so thankful!

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