Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday fun :)

One of the fun things about being in a large family (9 and counting!) is the amount of birthdays throughout the year. From October-May we have a birthday every month with the exception of December; my husband and I share that month. :) Generally, the birthday rule in our family is that you cannot talk about your birthday or party until the first day of your birthday month. This rule was implemented due to certain family members that will remain unnamed, that preferred to plan their birthdays months in advance. The single exception to the rule is Annie's birthday. Since she was born May 2 she is allowed to plan her party in April. Annie's birthday is also only a week after Melody's which makes theirs the two closest in the family. Since their birthdays were this past week I wanted to use my blog to write about two of the sweetest young ladies in my life.

Melody Joy: April 26

Melody's personality is thoroughly described in her name: she is a very bubbly, joyful young woman! She is exceptionally smart, a good student in school and a wonderful writer. She's always fun to be around, always up to play a game and is prone to fits of giggles. She is a hard worker and very nurturing, whether it's making sure our dog Bailey has enough food when visiting or giving out massages, she is always taking care of people. She loves to play practical jokes and tease, it's always fun when she's around!

One of the things that we are most proud of Melody for is how she has grown in her Faith. She has a strong relationship with the Lord, has memorized many Scriptures and is able to discuss what she believes. She has a strong foundation in her faith and we know that God is going to do many great things in her life and through her. We love you Melly and we are so proud of you!

Annie Faith: May 2

Annie is the definition of spunk! She is mischievous and seems to always have a twinkle in her eye. She's a hard worker and has a knack for making boring and mundane tasks fun. Her sense of humor and friendly, joyful spirit makes her someone you always want to hang out with. She is a great friend and is very loyal. Annie is an animal lover and has a very sensitive, compassionate heart. She also has fantastic taste in music and fashion!

Annie has been through some tough things and that leads me to the next way I would describe her: She is victorious. She is not complacent or defeated, instead she has risen to face adversity. Annie has given God control of her life and her fears and has come so far in her walk with the Lord. She is my younger sister but I look up to her and respect her as my Sister in Christ. Annie, we are so proud of you and could not imagine our lives without you. We love you!

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  1. Jeni, you have a wonderful way with words and i am delighted by what you wrote. I read it aloud to your sisters and there was some tearing up!
    Love you. Grandma Clark says that our love and gift of writing comes from your Grandpa Clark's mother, Ethel Claretta Clark, of whom you are a namesake. Isn't that cool!