Thursday, June 24, 2010


Undoubtedly, one of my favorite things about summer is the food. Everything is so fresh, clean and just feels good for you! I love going to farmer's markets and buying local produce, trying new vegetables and figuring out new recipes.

As soon as it started to get warm, Jason and I went to WalMart and bought our first ever grill. He went back and forth between getting a gas or charcoal, and eventually decided on charcoal. There's just something about grilling out, everything seems to taste a million times better and I love how you can smell it in your hair hours later. It's just so summer.

We would love to be able to have a garden of our own and grow our own fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, we live in an apartment and it's just not possible for the time being. A couple of weeks ago though, my mom gave us the coolest gift....a garden in a pot! We have a few different herbs growing: basil, parsley, dill, etc. as well as a tomato and pepper plant with metal rods for them to grow up. This garden is the perfect size for us, it's easy to water and no weeds!

I've already had a couple of opportunities to use the fresh herbs to make some awesome meals!

mmmm....fresh basil! Easily my favorite herb and way to spice up any dish. That night I added it into some bottled spaghetti sauce to kick it up a notch and convinced Jason I was an italian chef! :)

Tonight we picked some of the fresh dill, added it to whitefish fillets and potatoes, wrapped it in tinfoil and threw it on the grill.


Thanks mom! :)

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