Monday, October 17, 2011

Today my sweet little sister turns 21! I can hardly believe she's old enough! I feel like I just turned 21, although in reality I'll be turning 27 way too soon. Anyways, back to Kristi! She recently moved to Virginia to pursue her college degree at Liberty University. I am so proud of her for taking such a big step in obedience to God. I know that while it may not have been the easiest thing to move so far away, I know that God has blessed her for going. She is having the most amazing time and has met some really great people!

As an older sister I feel like Kristi is one of my greatest accomplishments. ;) Just kidding! She is wise beyond her years, loves to learn and is passionate about things that are important to her. I'm jealous about her ability to articulate her point when discussing issues. 
She also has fabulous taste in music, makes me proud when it comes to talking about sports and she loves to have fun! I always have the best time with her laughing and talking about the most random things! :) 

One of the things that makes Kristi, Kristi is her passion for Truth. Her beliefs are firmly rooted in God's word and it's something you'll know right away when you meet her. I have seen her grow, even in the past year to love God more and seek to obey Him with her life. It makes me so proud to see her make good decision and it encourages me in my own walk with God. 

Kristi, you are a blessing to our family and lives. We are so glad that God gave you to us! We love you. We miss you...can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!!


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