Monday, January 23, 2012

So for a hot second last week we thought that we might be moving. You see, is the time of year where our apartment complex lets us know that we've lived here for about a year and gives us the chance to renew our lease or we can leave. Let me be clear, we like where we live. Our apartment is very spacious and affordable. We're in a good part of Milwaukee and we're very close to our Church. However, we both have a commute, mine being a very doable twenty minutes while Jason's is at least forty five minutes long. So, moving to more of a middle ground to our jobs would be something we're interested in. 

There's also the fact that while our apartment is nice, it's very cookie cutter, run of the mill, dare I say boring? When we lived in Evanston we had an apartment that had lots of windows and creaky wooden floors, and I. Loved. It. I would absolutely jump at the chance to move into a place with just a little more character or history to it. However, uniqueness comes at a price and with Jason starting grad school, we don't have any room in our budget to increase our rent payment. So, we decided that since we have two weeks to decide whether we stay or go, we'll take advantage of the time and look to see if there are any apartments/condos/duplexes that would peak our interest and be in our price range. 

Well, it's been about a week of looking and it looks like we're staying! We inquired about several different places but it came down to either no dogs allowed, not the best part of town, just a little more than we wanted to pay, etc. In other words, God shut the door (at least for now! God, you know you have one more week to open it, right?!). 

So now that we're staying I've decided that we need to put a little bit of TLC into our apartment to make it more homey. I've moved at least once a year for the past 4 years (not forgetting the summer of 2008 in which I moved THREE times) and I have found I have a hard time putting my roots down. I stack things in closets, hesitate to hang things on the wall, skip organizing all because in the back of my mind I think "well, I probably won't be here long anyways." No more of that! I've decided that I'm going through my piles, I'm consolidating, I'm getting rid of the huge ugly bookcase in one of our bedrooms and I WILL decorate the empty wall in our dining room! Shoot, I'm going to get new throw pillows for our couches! Watch out world!! 

Now that it's been decided I'm on the search for inspiration! I'm all over blogs and pinterest looking for new ideas and things that I can do. Here are some of my favorites:

The whole trend of hanging pictures with words, saying, etc. can be easy to over do in my opinion. But this is so cute! 

Love this, minus the teal fake frame. I love the vintage feel it gives! Plus, I have a gorgeous gold mirror in our bedroom that I stole from my mom and it is one of the favorite things in our home, so it could tie in with that. 

This is great, plus I learned from this blog post how I could make these on my own! Totally doable and not too intimidating. I think I would do six frames though since I have enough space. 

Love this! It would take some time to get the frames together and frame worthy pictures, but I could do it right?? 

Can I just live here? *swoon*

What do you guys think? Any other ideas or inspiration for me?? Anyone want to come and just decorate my home? You're more than welcome to! 


  1. I love all those ideas! I'm terrible at home decor. I know what kind of stuff I like, but I have no idea how to put it all together. Have fun decorating!

  2. I have the exact same problem Nikki!! I'll let you know how it goes. :)