Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So a few weekends ago my parents and two of my sisters, Annie and Melody, came down for a couple of days and we had the best time! One of my favorite things that we did was have a girls day at the mall while my dad and Jason went to a men's retreat at Elmbrook Church. I went with Annie and Mel to Sephora for the first time. Ridiculous, I know. We spent almost two hours examining every part of the store and testing everything they had to offer. Annie had cat-eye eyeliner done, which looked fabulous and Mel pinpointed exactly which perfume was the best (Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, obviously). We had so much fun!

I picked up a couple things since I had some money saved from winning my fantasy football league (booyah!). 

love this mascara. It makes my short, pale lashes look much longer and thicker. I'm not sure they quite look like like I have fake eyelashes on BUT with two coats, I would say I have about half the Kardashian look. And I'll take it! 

This lipgloss is perfection. I normally stay away from darker shades and stick with more neutral, sheer shades but my sisters had me trying on all kinds of colors I wouldn't normally pick out!I love how it brightens up my coloring and how long it lasts. Definitely a favorite! 

I didn't buy this eyeshadow set, Naked by Urban Decay with my sisters. I actually got it for Christmas from my mother-in-law! I am obsessed with it!! I love how I can wear the more neutral covers on an every day basis and use the more dramatic ones for date nights. It's amazing and I definitely recommend it. 

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