Sunday, September 26, 2010


My little sister Kristi casually reminded me this week that I hadn't updated my blog in over a month. Whoops! I hate that it's been that long, but sometimes I don't know what's worse: the fact that I haven't updated it or the amount of things that have happened during that time that I will need to write about. But I have some extra time this afternoon which doesn't happen often so I'm just going to suck it up and do some writing for Kristi and anyone else who happens upon my blog.

My most favorite thing that's happened since I last wrote was Jason and my trip to Maine! "Why Maine?" you may ask, and that's a great question. Honestly, we randomly saw some pictures of it online, found really cheap tickets and figured why not? We wanted to do a little trip for our one year wedding anniversary and preferably something completely different from our honeymoon in Cancun. Both places are astoundingly beautiful but in completely different ways. Cancun showcases sandy beaches as far as you can see, crystal clear water and a distinct upbeat energy. Maine offers a rugged coast, mountains and a relaxed, peaceful vibe. We loved both and are so glad we had the opportunities to visit the two places.

Our trip started in Portland, which we flew into. We then rented a car and drove up the coast of Maine to Bar Harbor. On our way up we decided we would take the "long route" and drive through all the cute, little harbor towns and it was so fun! It was so beautiful there and the scenery was breathtaking.

Taking a break during on drive in Belfast, Maine.

Once in Bar Harbor we stayed at the most precious, charming bed and breakfast. If anyone is headed in that area I would absolutely recommend Acacia House Inn. The innkeepers were so welcoming and gracious and don't get me started on the was absolutely incredible!! I
dream about their blueberry pancakes. Amazing.

I think probably our most favorite part of our trip was all the time we spent in Acacia National Park. It was so gorgeous and we had a blast hiking for hours! I thought I'd hiked before but this was on a whole new scale. We were literally climbing over boulders, going up mountains and scaling cliffs! It was so fun because it was something we'd never done together but something we found we really, really loved to do.

Jason showing off on the huge rock he climbed!

The view from Gorham Mountain, the first mountain we've ever climbed!

Mountain top kisses are some of the very best! :)

We also had a chance to go out whale watching, which was also very, very fun! It was over a three hour trip on this huge three story boat. Once we got out into deeper waters we started the search for whales. Jason was the first to spot them coming up from a dive and exhaling at the surface.

A finback whale coming up to the surface!

We followed the group of four whales for about an hour watching them come up to the surface and then dive back down. It was honestly a bit surreal watching this enormous animal so close to you. It was an experience we'll never forget!

In the bow of the boat watching for whales!

We ended up going back to Acacia park for a second time during our trip to do some more hiking. This time we decided to do one of the harder hikes which went straight up a cliff! Now I knew going into our marriage that Jason didn't like heights but I had no clue how much. The trail we chose was a little was very narrow and there were parts where they had put metal bars into the side of the cliff and you used them to climb up. It wasn't normal hiking; it was a full body workout! I thought I would be a good wife and encourage Jason as we climbed but he would tell me not to talk to him and refused to watch me because it apparently made his heart race! After we made it safely to the top, he told me he had second thoughts while climbing but knew he had to do it rather then face my teasing! haha!

Soaking it in at the top!

This is the view from the top of our mountain. We joked during our climb that the pictures could never do it justice...and it really doesn't. Notice the small parking lot in the center though and how tiny the cars look!

The view from Cadillac Mountain, the biggest mountain in the park. We didn't have time to climb up this one...but we'll be back to conquer it!

It was an amazing trip! I don't think we realized how much fun we would have and how much we would love it there, but it definitely became our little heaven on earth. What a great way to celebrate a fantastic first year of marriage!

This year has brought a lot of change and challenges...but it was great. We are stronger and more in love then ever! One thing about marriage is that it's a challenge and it has pushed me to be a better woman then I knew I could be. Jason has encouraged and supported me this year in the most intimate and special ways. He's my rock and I am so incredibly blessed by him.

Here's to 50 more years!

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  1. I absolutely am thrilled with your pictures, you two are so beautiful together and your father and I are delighted with your marriage. Your writing is good girl!
    I will get this sent to your grandma as she will love it!

    Go Pack Go!