Monday, October 4, 2010

The Perfect Fall Day...

Today is one of those fall days that are just...perfect.

The sun is shining through the trees and the leaves are beginning to turn from green into that beautiful, deep caramel color. I love how it's starting to get cooler and scarves have become an everyday accessory. I haven't put the sandals away though. Nope, it'll take at least 10 more degrees before I pack those babies up.

Today was the icing on the cake of a perfect weekend. My mom and sisters came into town for a few days and we just had the best time with them. We went to the Tenth Avenue North, Matt Maher, and Addison Road concert which was phenomenal. It's been a while since I've been to a concert and I was reminded just how much I love and am inspired by live music.

Yesterday was spent going to Church, watching lots of football, playing games and eating food. My mother in law, LuAnn, came out for dinner with us and it was a privilege to cook and take care of her and my mom. They spoil Jason and I way too much and it's fun to be the one doing the spoiling. I made a roasted potato and fennel soup as well as a Italian tortellini soup...both turned out great and I was so excited that everyone liked them. We also wanted to surprise my sister, Kristi, because her birthday is coming in a couple weeks and we won't be able to be with her for it. We almost pulled off making an angel food cake (her favorite!) for her without her knowing but her detective skills kicked in and she busted us! :) She was still surprised though and it was fun to celebrate her!

I know I've written about this before but it just blesses me so much to see Jason with my family. We always have so much fun together laughing and telling stories. He will do anything to make them laugh, and this weekend that included him sacking me! He swears he just got caught up in all the football we were watching but I know how he likes to entertain! :) That's my man.

It's been so nice to just relax and enjoy the day today. Work has become stressful and very busy. My work load has grown a bit with Serena starting the school year but there are also a lot of personal issues going on. It's difficult because this isn't just a job to me; this is my family and these are people that I love. It's hard to just check out and remove myself from the situation at the end of the day, but I'm trying. I hate coming home to Jason stressed out or in a bad's not fair to him or us.

I think what I'm really learning right now is how limited my wisdom, patience, strength, etc. is. I feel so confident in how much I truly need God in my life and to go before me and speak for me. I can only do so much and this family desperately needs so muchmore then I can give. The good news is that the source of everything good and perfect thing they need in their life lives in me! The lead singer of Tenth Avenue North spoke this weekend about how everyone is in pursuit of some sort of beauty, a beauty that is God made in His own image. We can spend our lives chasing what looks appeasing to our human eye but it will never complete or satisfy us, it's only when we give in and surrender to God's beauty that we are made whole. And as Christians we should be reflecting God's glory so that we not only look different to the world but it's easy to see WHO makes us different. I was so challenged this weekend and I feel ready to enter this work week empowered and ready to be the change.

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