Monday, November 22, 2010

This past week I had the opportunity to take in a bit of a "coming of age" activity in my family: canning! My mom has been canning everything from jams and jellies to pickles to tomato sauces for as long as I can remember. My personal favorite to can is applesauce because it's a process that requires all family members to be involved! And the long strips of apple peels aka apple shoelaces are so delicious!

I decided to take up canning to help us save money. Don't get me wrong though, I'm definitely easing into things in hopes that I get the hang of it, my confidence grows and then who knows what I'll be canning come next year! :) In the meantime, I quizzed my 12 year old sister (she makes the best chopped cherry jam!) and my mom on speed dial for moral support.

Clean jars and rings ready to be filled.

My Door County chopped cherry jam cooking!

Door County plum jelly was next!

I wish I could have pictures of the process of filling the hot jars, burning my fingers as I put the hot tops on and twisting the rings on but I don't quite have the finesse yet. Maybe next year! :)

Jars flipped over to seal

Beautiful plum jelly

I am so pleased and proud of how everything turned out! I felt like such a good little wife putting my jars of jam in our pantry and Jason loves it too! I think I'm ready to step my game up and try something a little bit more difficult now and test my skills. :)

Another really fun thing this past week was a visit from on of my best friends, Cassie. She stopped for the night as she was driving home for Thanksgiving. We always have a great time together. This visit was filled with lots of talking and eating, which is pretty typical for us. :) The picture below was taken at the Cheesecake factory, one of our favorites, just before we pigged out.

I am so looking forward for the coming holiday. Thanksgiving is one of my favorites! I'm feeling so incredibly blessed for everything that I have in my life and I'm wishing the same to you and your family!


  1. Love this picture of you both and I am so proud of your canning! Everything looks beautiful and I am so thankful it all set up for you. What special gifts people are going to be getting from you.

  2. I always love reading your posts, Jen!! Thanks for posting the pic. It was such a good time! :)