Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lets be honest: this was a bad couple weeks of blogging. No matter how you look at it, it was just plain bad. It wasn't that I was too busy or didn't have the time, I was just lacking inspiration. I know that to push myself as a writer, those are the times when I should be writing. But I'm going to give myself a break just this once. :)

It's been a good few weeks. Things have been picking up and getting so busy with the holidays coming quickly but I was able to sneak away for the night last weekend and spend some time with two of my very best friends, Amy and Jessi. We had an absolute blast in the tiny town of Tomah, WI.

Jessi and I :)

Amy, Me and Jess...I have way too much fun with these girls!

Our hotel just happened to be doing karaoke the night we were there and it was too great of an opportunity to pass up! We have a few stories we love to tell and then tell again from our college days that involve karaoke. :) Apparently in Tomah you don't just sing, but you also can wear props which just added to the fun!

I was apparently taking a solo in this one!

We had such a fun night! My stomach ached from laughing so hard with them. I wish so badly we all lived closer, but we're already planning another girl's night (or maybe inviting the boys?) in the very near future. Can't wait!! :)

Remember how I wrote a few posts ago that I'm on a mission to decorate our apartment better and with a little bit more of a personal touch? Well ta-da! I've made one improvement already! It wasn't huge...but it's a start! My mom gave us a mirror she found at a thrift store that wasn't working for the space she needed it in. It originally hung vertically, but with my handy husband at my side, we switched it so it would hang horizontally and it is absolutely perfect for in our bedroom over one of our dressers.

Isn't it fabulous??! I absolutely loove it! It has the perfect classic, vintage-y feel that compliments our room so well. We've had this open space for so long and now that it's there our bedroom looks almost complete! Now onto the dauntingly bare living room walls...ahh wish me luck!!

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