Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let me just first say: thunderstorms are way more exciting when your husband is home. When it's just you and your hyper puggle at home, it's just plain scary! I have the weather on right now, muted of course. I think that the only real solution right now is a fresh cotton candle, needtobreathe on pandora and my blog.

It's finally time to try and relax for a few minutes, put my feet up and clear my mind.

What a craaazy week....

I am so ready for the weekend! Work has just been so busy this week and I am ready to relax. I am always so grateful for any extra hours but yesterday I worked a twelve hour day and I'm still recovering. No matter how much you love the children you nanny, twelve hours is looong. Speaking of the kids, I have the privilege to take care of and love on two of the most precious girls! This week I was discussing my having kids with Serena, the older of the two, and how many I should have. I thought I should maybe have four but she decided I should probably just have two since I'd end up taking care of four anyways with her and Cambrya. :) Last night I left their house to the shouts of "I love you Jen! love you!" Now, how may nannies get that?! I'm blessed, I tell ya.

If I'm going to write about being blessed (how good am I at these transitions?!), I absolutely have to mention Jason. Without going into many details, something that he has been working so diligently at has hit a major speed bump. All of his plans and hopes are being shifted and completely changed. They say that you see a person's true colors when they are put under pressure. I feel like I'm seeing Jason's blossom in front of me.

Of course he's going to be frustrated. Discouraged. Bummed. Etc. Etc. Etc.
But I'm watching him pick himself up, dust himself off and figure out his plan b. He's building up his strength and confidence and he'll be back at it. And that's one of the reasons why I love him. He is such a phenomenal man and he never quits.


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