Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today was one of those days that are just...blah. Everything I needed to do seemed to have an extra step, every stoplight turned know what I mean? Ever have one of those days? frustrating as it was, all day I've been trying to look on the bright side and find things that I really did love (ok...maybe liked) about today. Here some of the things I came up with:
  • Even though Bailey took off when I was walking her this morning and I had to chase her back and forth in the field by our apartment, it meant that I was able to get a nice morning work out which never happens.  Bonus: I kept sinking down in the snow since it's starting to melt which helped target my upper thighs and Lord knows we could all use a work out there.  
  • Although there were major attitude problems with the two year old it was a beautiful, sunny day. And if I have to listen to whining, I might as well be able to be outside and enjoy the weather at the same time. 
  • Cambrya (the two year old) has recently started to pronounce my name like Forrest Gump. I'm not sure how or where she picked it up but I definitely get called "Jenaaaay" all day long. 
  • I got to have coffee with my lovely friend Shelly! Just having that to look forward to helped my day go by much faster! 
  • And speaking of looking forward to things...Mandy is coming down this weekend and I'm so excited! Pretty sure she should just move. :) 
So maybe not all of these things I was genuinely excited about, but at least I can laugh about them and that definitely makes the day better. Here's to a better tomorrow! 

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