Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Belated birthday posts still count, right??

Since I try to do a birthday post for all my family members I would feel horrible forgetting someone's special day. Well, this past Sunday as I was getting ready for the Packer game, I started thinking about how I always loved to go to Packer games with my dad growing up and it hit me: I forgot to write his birthday post!!! Oh man...I feel so bad that I forgot. My only consolation is that he is not a big internet man and probably has no clue that I do birthday posts on my blog and therefore is not feeling overlooked. Nonetheless I feel he is definitely owed his own post and since I'm late it's going to be bigger and better then the ones in the past! :) Sorry's not because I don't love you!

This was taken a little over a month before I got married...I was feeling particularly like a daddy's girl that visit.

I feel so priveledged and blessed to call Rick Johnson my dad. He is someone who is well known and respected in the community. If you asked someone to describe him in a few words I can guarantee that many of them would say he is a hard worker, honest, stubborn and loyal...among other things! He is someone that people speak highly of and that I have never been ashamed of.

A father/daughter moment that every little girl dreams of!

My dad set the standard when it came to what kind of man I would marry. I knew it couldn't be some wimpy punk! I wanted him to be strong, hard working, Godly, loyal...just like my daddy. Funny how God works; He blessed me with a husband that at times is the spitting image of my dad. I can't tell you how many times I call my mom and say something Jason did or said and she responds with "oooh he is JUST like your father!!!" Jason always takes it as a compliment. :) As he should.

Jason and I look so happy and thrilled in the picture but my dad seems a little unsure about the whole situation.

Passed from one Godly, incredible man to another. How blessed am I??

My dad is a man of few words, but when he speaks people listen. He definitely knows how to make his words count. I think that spending the past twenty plus years being completely outnumbered by girls has taught him that. He is incredibly wise and someone who's advice I absolutely seek and take to heart. He has taught me so much in my life and I owe so much of who I am to him.

I think this was when he was telling me how much he liked our wedding! :)

If you ever wondered where I got my blue eyes from, here is the answer to your question!

Thank you dad for being an example of a Godly man and teaching me how to love God. Thank you for working hard and taking care of us. Thank you for continually growing and developing into the man that God is calling you to be. Most of all, thanks for loving me no matter what.

I love you!!

Happy (Belated) Birthday!!


  1. This is beautiful Jen! Your dad is an awesome man of God, and I'm grateful for the influence he has had in my life and in the lives of my family. :)

  2. I just finished reading this to your Daddy, it is early and my eyes are better focused! :) You have given us a beautiful gift in this post,.......... love returned. We know how much you love us and it brings us joy. Your Father was very touched by this post. You are our treasure!