Saturday, May 7, 2011

Annie brings up the rear in the Johnson family eight month birthday streak! She's last but certainly not least! 

Annie is smack in the middle of us five girls. She is opinionated, outspoken and very funny! She is thoughtful and has a very compassionate heart. This year she saved all of her tip money from her summer jobs and donated them all to buy poverty stricken families food and basic supplies. I was so proud that she would put others before herself! 

She's always up for something fun and you know you're going to have a good time when she's going. She's the kind of friend that you want to have; loyal and devoted. 

She is very fashionable and my go to person for hair and make-up advice! I'm so glad that now that she's getting older we can share some of our clothes. ;) haha love you Annie!

This year I've seen how she has really matured and grown up. She is a very genuine woman and doesn't hide who she really is. If you've spent any time talking to her you know that she is passionate about her faith and following and obeying God is her number one priority. I'm very proud of her and that she is my sister! 

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