Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday #1

About a month and a half ago my big brother had a birthday! Now, I know he doesn't read my blog and there's a good chance he might not even know what a blog is but he's a fantastic big brother so he still deserves his own post! 

Matthew is probably one of the most adored brothers in existence. It takes a special man to deal with five younger sisters but he has always handled it like a pro. He may be soft spoken, but when he speaks up we listen and we all look up to him. 

 Missing one....but that happens sometimes! 

Something that I've loved to watch is Jason's relationship with my brother. Not only am I glad that the get along (it would be kind of awkward if they didn't!) but I'm glad that they have a genuine friendship. Matthew deserves to finally have a brother! 

 Probably the thing I love most about my brother is how kind and giving he is. He, like my dad, is the kind of person that will drop everything to help someone out. It's a rare characteristic to find in a person but he has it through and through. 

Matthew, I love you and I'm sorry this is soo late! Thank you for all you do for us; we are so grateful for you and how you have blessed us! 

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